Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday, we went to shopping!! I bought sweets for souvenir. There were a lot of sweets in the supermarket. I ate one of the sweets. But it was too sweet. In America,

It is normal. Then, we went to another supermarket. There were many goods. Goods

are much cheaper than in Japan. We had a lot of good time!! Then, we went to a

Fast-food shops.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was sick, so I was in bed al l day. I was too free, so I thought about death. I thought that we can’t avoid death. So we have to do our best in our livesBubbleShare: Share photos - Powered by BubbleShare

Monday, August 11, 2008

7 8 9 10th day

On Aug 7 we went to IDB. We heard a lot of information about it. The thing I impressed the most was the fact that IDB uses Spanish. I thought we have to study more languages though my English is bad. After that, we went to the zoo. At the entrance, there was deer. He was very cute.

On Aug 8 we went to museum. There were a lot of interesting things to see. The mask I wore was the best commodity. Then, we rode on a water taxi. The wind made me relaxed. After that, we watched a baseball game. The game was very exciting!!! After the game, we saw fireworks. It was very beautiful. 8th day was very exciting.

On Aug 9 we went to a lot of museums. Frankly speaking, they are very boring. Then, we played volleyball. Everyone plays volleyball very well.

On Aug 10 we went to the Natural Museum. We saw a lot of animal we never saw. Then we went to monument. It was very tall. From monument we can see a lot of architecture like Whit House. After that, Nozomu, Senpai, Saaya, Mike, and I went to a supermarket to buy basketball by Mike’s car. I thought things in America are cheaper than in Japan. Then, we played basketball. It was fun. Then, we went to shop to eat.

In the shop, Mike speaks very good Japanese. Mike knew a Japanese word that I don’t know. So I must study Japanese as well as English. 10thday was very interesting for me!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

6th day

Yesterday, we went to newsium with my team. I studied world history, so I was looking forward to seeing the things that I studied. First, we watched a wreck of world trade center. I can imagine that 9.11 were so miserable. I watched a VTR that expressed 9.11. I thought that 9.11 was more mercilessly accident than I thought. Then, we went to Berlin’s wall. It was colorful, but with historically perspective, it was serious! After that, we saw Rennin’s statue. I don’t like Rennin much, but I moved. Finally, we watched cloth of KKK. In Japan, I thought KKK was very dreadful, so the cloth looks very horrible. I want KKK to be disappearing. Newsium was very exciting. Then, we went to Chinese shop. IT smelled bad. After that, we went to Asian restaurant. I ordered ochazuke. It tasted very good!!!! At dinner, we talked with Mike. It was very good experience. Finally, we played billiard. It was first time for me to play billiard. It was a lot of fun. The 6th day was very precious for me. Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

5th day

The thing that I enjoyed was playing volleyball. Half of students went to yard with Nicky. The yard was very beautiful. As soon as we arrived at there, we played volleyball. My team won the game!! I am very glad. After that, we went to Nicky’s school house. We ate pizza. It was very delicious!!!! Then, we played TV game.It was a lot of fun. A Chinese woman came Nicky’s room. The girl was very beautiful.The 5th day was a lot of fun

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

4th Day

In the morning, we went to the university. We checked our blogs, and made a new post. Then, we met some students of the University of Maryland who are studying Japanese. We talked with them for 3 hours. The students whom we talked are Chinese and Taiwanese, and American. I was very surprised at the fact that they spoke very good Japanese although they studied only a year. I want to speak English like their Japanese. That I was impressed the most was a Chinese student. She loves Japanese music. And she always buys Japanese a music magazine. To work in Japanese Music Company, she studies Japanese. I think she is a hard worker. After that, we went to the Kennedy house. The consort was very nice. Then, we ate sushi. The taste was very nice. The 4th day was good day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

3rd day

3rdday, we went to Alessandria and Jorge town with my student. First, we went to Alessandra with Mike. The town is very beautiful and vast for me. Comparing withJapan, The town map is not so complicated. We went to French restaurant. The food was very delicious! I want to go to that restaurant again. Then, we go to many kind of Store like book shop. After that, we rode on ship. The wind made us fresh. Then, we went to Jorge town. At the place, we went to shopping. Everyone bought some commodities but we did not buy because I did not find my favorite goods. After that, We ate dinner that was Chinese food. My food which I selected was very hot. So it was
hard to finish it. I think 3rd day was very exciting. I love this trip very much. Thank you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The first time to go to abroad

Hi, my name is Nobuya Yumita. I am a student at AGU. Yesterday, we arrived at Washington, D.C. First, I was surprised at the fact that the view was very vast. I moved a lot. Then, we rode bus. I talked with Mike a lot. I was very glad becauseI could communicate my English. Soon, we reached our inn, and we went to my own room. My room was normal. But I thought that it was big for two persons. If there is complaint, the smell is little bad. But I get used to the smell soon. After that, we went to a noodle shop with Joe. Frankly speaking, the noodle was bad taste. But I managed to finish eating it. Then, we went to ice cream shop. I did not buy it because I mind my wallet. But my friends who bought it gave me it. The taste was really good.I thought I want to buy it later. Then, we talked with Joe a lot. We could see a lot of pictures of his family. After that, we returned to my room, and went to bed. The first day of my journey was very impressive. I am looking forward to spending rest of day.