Wednesday, August 6, 2008

5th day

The thing that I enjoyed was playing volleyball. Half of students went to yard with Nicky. The yard was very beautiful. As soon as we arrived at there, we played volleyball. My team won the game!! I am very glad. After that, we went to Nicky’s school house. We ate pizza. It was very delicious!!!! Then, we played TV game.It was a lot of fun. A Chinese woman came Nicky’s room. The girl was very beautiful.The 5th day was a lot of fun


Nikki said...

Hello Grass!
I'm glad that our team won yesterday. We are the champions!

That's nice that you think Qing, my Chinese roommate, is beautiful. Would you like me to tell her? = ) Maybe you will have another opportunity to talk to her.

Nina Liakos said...

Okay, Nobuya, what were you doing in class today? You didn't add a Blog List to your sidebar, and you didn't add pictures to your earlier posts! :-( I hope you will follow the directions in Module 4 to do these things tomorrow!

I am glad though that you had a good day yesterday.


Mike said...
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Ai said...

Hi, Nobuya!

Is it fun to play vollyball^^? Where did you play? Anyway, I'm happy to hear you really enjoy everything!

Take care your condition because the weather is hot^^


MASANORI said...

How are you,shy Grass!
Be ambitious!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Nobuya~!
Playing vollyball sounds really fun, and it's great that your team won! ^^