Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was sick, so I was in bed al l day. I was too free, so I thought about death. I thought that we can’t avoid death. So we have to do our best in our livesBubbleShare: Share photos - Powered by BubbleShare


Nikki said...

We missed you yesterday! I hope you feel better today.

Mike said...

Hope you're feeling better man. Take it easy today and don't overdo it.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Nobuya!
I'm sorry that you were sick today. I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Being healthy is something that you've taken for granted, so losing it makes you realize its importance! ^^

I guess it's too early to think about death, but thinking about death encourages you to think about how you live, don't you think?

Nina Liakos said...

That was pretty profound....

We can't avoid death in the end, but we don't have to dwell on it, either!

Have fun today!