Monday, August 11, 2008

7 8 9 10th day

On Aug 7 we went to IDB. We heard a lot of information about it. The thing I impressed the most was the fact that IDB uses Spanish. I thought we have to study more languages though my English is bad. After that, we went to the zoo. At the entrance, there was deer. He was very cute.

On Aug 8 we went to museum. There were a lot of interesting things to see. The mask I wore was the best commodity. Then, we rode on a water taxi. The wind made me relaxed. After that, we watched a baseball game. The game was very exciting!!! After the game, we saw fireworks. It was very beautiful. 8th day was very exciting.

On Aug 9 we went to a lot of museums. Frankly speaking, they are very boring. Then, we played volleyball. Everyone plays volleyball very well.

On Aug 10 we went to the Natural Museum. We saw a lot of animal we never saw. Then we went to monument. It was very tall. From monument we can see a lot of architecture like Whit House. After that, Nozomu, Senpai, Saaya, Mike, and I went to a supermarket to buy basketball by Mike’s car. I thought things in America are cheaper than in Japan. Then, we played basketball. It was fun. Then, we went to shop to eat.

In the shop, Mike speaks very good Japanese. Mike knew a Japanese word that I don’t know. So I must study Japanese as well as English. 10thday was very interesting for me!!!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Nobuya! :)
It seems that you did a lot of different things, and you enjoyed all of them! That's nice~!

Well, I think your English is very good! (I imagine your Japanese is very good as well. :))

Nina Liakos said...

Okay, Nobuya, let's get some pictures uploaded and links added to your sidebar!

Are you thinking about studying Spanish now? It has a rather complicated grammar but is easier to pronounce than English.

I like museums, but they are very tiring, don't you agree?

I would like to take a water taxi and see a baseball game in Baltimore someday. And I love fireworks!

Nikki said...

Grass, you are such a good athlete. I enjoy playing basketball and volleyball with you.

Also, which is cuter: the deer at the zoo or my cat?

Nina Liakos said...

I am wondering where you were today, Nobuya.... too much basketball last night maybe?

Heather said...


I'm so glad that you enjoyed visiting my hometown of Baltimore!!! It was a very exciting day, and the weather was perfect!! I hope you are feeling better.