Monday, August 4, 2008

3rd day

3rdday, we went to Alessandria and Jorge town with my student. First, we went to Alessandra with Mike. The town is very beautiful and vast for me. Comparing withJapan, The town map is not so complicated. We went to French restaurant. The food was very delicious! I want to go to that restaurant again. Then, we go to many kind of Store like book shop. After that, we rode on ship. The wind made us fresh. Then, we went to Jorge town. At the place, we went to shopping. Everyone bought some commodities but we did not buy because I did not find my favorite goods. After that, We ate dinner that was Chinese food. My food which I selected was very hot. So it was
hard to finish it. I think 3rd day was very exciting. I love this trip very much. Thank you.


Nikki said...

I am glad you are having such a good time. It seems like you enjoyed Alexandria and Georgetown.

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Nobuya,
I am very glad that you enjoyed this excursion. I wonder what your "favorite goods", which you could not find in Georgetown, were. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for in another place (like Pentagon City Mall).

I can't stand food that is very hot, so I sympathized with your problem finishing what you ordered at the Chinese restaurant. Usually, spicy dishes are marked with a hot pepper icon on the menu, so you can avoid them if you don't like them.

I hope you enjoyed your dinner tonight.

Hiromi said...

Hi, Nobuya~!
It seems that you had a wonderful time visiting Alexandria and Georgetown, right? ^^